An e-book by Lee van Laer




 This book examines the famous Lady of the Unicorn tapestries at the Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris, as well as the Unicorn Hunt tapestries at the Cloisters Museum in Manhattan.


 It examines the idea of man's two natures, higher and lower, as well as the themes of masculine and feminine nature in inner and spiritual work. The book offers original interpretations of the two groups of tapestries and their symbolism based on familiar esoteric principles which have not, until now, been applied in explanations of what the tapestries signify.


This monograph should be of interest to anyone intrigued by unicorn symbolism, art of the middle ages, esoteric spiritual work, and unicorns in general.  


The book represents two chapters from a much longer work entitled "The Reconstruction of the Soul" which will be published later this year. 


Some may ask themselves why this book is so expensive. There is an explanation.

Sales of the book will help to fund editorial and overhead costs for material that is being prepared for future publication. This archival material in question will be of very significant interest to the Gurdjieff community; and the scope of preparation is too large to undertake without engaging outside help.

Those who buy the book are being given an opportunity to materially contribute to this effort.

 I have so far funded this project entirely out of my own pocket. Your contributions, if you make them, are deeply appreciated. 





Sparkill, NY 2018