"Meister Eckhart was besought by his good friends, 'Give us something to remember, since you are going to leave us.'

He said, 'I will give you a rule, which is the keystone of all that I have ever said, which comprises all truth that can be spoken of or lived.

'It often happens that what seems trivial to us is greater in God's sight than what looms large in our eyes. Therefore we should accept all things equally from God, not ever looking and wondering which is greater, or higher, or better...

'It often happens that people spurn the least, and thus they prevent themselves from getting the most in the least, which is wrong. God is in all modes, and equal in all modes, for him who can take Him equally...

'Some people want to find God as He shines before them, or as He tastes to them. They find the light and the taste, but they do not find God. A scripture declares that God shines in the darkness, where we sometimes least recognize Him. Where God shines least for us is often where He shines the most. Therefore we should accept God equally in all ways and in all things."

This excerpt is taken from

The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart

 page 588.


 Readers are urged to buy this fine book, which despite its daunting price is an essential part of any esoteric collection.

With Foreword by Bernard McGinn

Translated by Maurice O'C Walshe


A Herder & Herder book

The Crossroad Publishing Company

New York, 2009